Heineken has got to be one of the most famous beers in the world. It has sponsored football many times and their ads could be seen at many venues, including the Euro venues this year.  It is exported all over the world and it is a go-to for people who are not hardcore beer drinkers, but enjoy it’s crisp and refreshing taste.

The Heineken Experience

No trip to Amsterdam is complete for any beer lover without visiting the world-famous Heineken brewery. It is found right at the heart of the capital city. You are first given a short lecture on how the beer is brewed and how you should drink it. You are then allowed to roam around the historical and pop-culture museum section before being given the option to bottle your own personalised brew to take home with you. You can also get food, and enjoy a few beers at the bar.

Two Chefs Brewing

This is exactly what you get when you have two chefs who decide that they want to make beer as a side project. The brewpub is located in the North sector of Amsterdam, and the creations are full flavoured, as you would expect from chefs. They make a big deal out of explaining the processes and recipes of the beers they brew, and will tell you what food it pairs best with. There are no taps, but you can buy the beer in bottles.


This brewery was the brainchild of four mates who just enjoy drinking beer. Growth has been explosive, and it has become one of the most popular breweries in the country. Oedipus brews craft beers, and they offer a dozen seasonal variations that rotate every month. They also produce more generic beers which are suited to every taste. You can get lager, ale, stout, or anything in between. The HQ in North Amsterdam often plays host to various musical and social events as well as food markets.