Some of us like the occasional flutter and we also like to do it while we travel. But should you make any Sports Book bets on local sports? The answer is yes! But you should also do your homework. If you want to take the easy punt, all you have to do is buy a lottery ticket. If you are in Europe, for example, you could buy a ticket for Euromillions. If you are in the United States, you are also entitled to buy a ticket to the US National Lottery. Australia also has a pretty good gig going with the Australia Lotto and Keeno. That’s the easy way to do it!

But what if you want to get involved with local sports? You have to remember that when you are in a foreign country, conditions might be different to what you are normally used to. Take horse racing for example. You could just place a bet through a sports book, but you really need to study recent form, the going of the ground, and the weather.

You could, for example, place a bet on the NBA while in the US or taking part in Unibet racing betting, but you should be aware that top teams rest their players and rotate them when playing against inferior opposition. This could mean that you might expect a 100+ score, only to see an outcome of about 80+. As already mentioned, do your homework.

You might also fancy a quick flutter at a casino. These days, casinos offer an entertainment experience, rather than just slot machines and live bands. You can go, have a few games of roulette, poker, or video slots, and then enjoy some drinks in the nightclub before going back to where you are staying. If you don’t want to leave your room, then just log into an online casino. With wi-fi available pretty much anywhere, you can have a flutter any time you like!